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not a hierarchy with the designer in charge of everything. Then the designer could put every ounce of effort into designing and didn’t have to worry about managing suppliers. The team would get together and everyone would contribute ideas and learn from each other. When we finished, everybody thought it was “their” book. How did the process get started every year? D A LY: It started with the written word. What were we trying to say? Then we wanted to use photography to make it real. We wanted real photography, nothing faked or manipulated, no airplanes superimposed on backgrounds with Photoshop. The chairman’s letter was real and the product descriptions were real and the numbers were real. The photos had to be real, too. You can’t fake an annual report in one place or it’s not real in every place. CROSS: Before all the photography was scheduled we had the photographer take a couple of test shots. Then, looking over the proofs, we gave guidance, saying, “This is what we are after, here’s the real direction.” But the direction has remained remarkably consistent, hasn’t it? CROSS: It has, since the early sixties when I was Northrop’s design director. I established the black-and-white medium because it was appropriate to the company’s products and mission. It’s not a colorful, glamorous type of business; it’s a serious company involved in serious missions of national security. One year we might focus on the sculptural aspects of a gyroscope or a guidance unit. Another year it might be the people working on prototype fighter aircraft. Did the best pictures come about through careful setting up, or were there fortuitous accidents when something just happened or the light was perfect? HARRISON: I think the answer is both planning and magic. Sometimes the photographer will see something no one had planned. WEYMOUTH: Northrop had a natural instinct to let people go for it, to talk with their eyes, so to speak. There was a lot of control but there was also a lot of respect and giving free reign, letting the designer and photographer do their thing. But always within the framework of the team