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While a colour matching system gives the assurance that
selected colours will print correctly on an offset press, it does
nothing to help with the problem of those colours appearing
quite differently on screen or when printed from a desktop
proofing device. Neither does it do anything for the accurate
colour reproduction of bitmapped images - e.g. scanned photographs
or images created in a painting program - to be included
within a project. A desktop system typically includes
a scanner, a monitor and one or more printers. As stated earlier,
these devices do not reproduce colour consistently from
one to the next, each device reproducing or displaying a limited
set of colours called its colour gamut. Also devices from
different manufacturers will display different colours for the
same digital colour data; even two devices of the same model
may display subtle colour differences using the same colour
data Colour managemen t systems
The gamut of a colour
system is the range of
colours which it can display
tionihips between devices to ensure consistent colour
throughout the publishing process. A CMS translates colours
~ which the can select.
from the colour-gamut, or colour space, of one device into a
'neutral' device-independent colour space, and then fits that
colour information to another device's colour gamut by a process
called colour mapping. The CMS obtains the colour characteristics
of each device from its device profile. In one 
method, the relationship between colours is preserved as they
are shifted into the device’s colour gamut. In another method,
only the out-of-gamut colours are replaced by colours that
the device can produce, without preserving the relationships
between the
Profiles for the most popular devices are usually supplied
with the CMS software and those matching the devices
on the user’s system are installed at the same time as the CMS
software. Profiles for other devices are usually supplied with
the device installation software. Manufacturer’s device profiles
are based on a particular set of calibration settings for a
given To use a colour management system effectively,
devices first have to be calibrated to match the expected
performance defined in the device profile. The quality of the
final result depends on how well the devices match their