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Like the Indiana Jones film, which shows 13 crystal skulls at the end - there are indigenous legends about a set of 13 skulls returning together that when they come together - our world will shift and go into a higher dimensional state - a golden age - a utopia. Whether this Blue Skull exist or is one of those, we can not say. The other clue of the existence of the Blue Skulls come through a medium living in Canada, a personal friend named Carol Wilson Davis, who when she was in the presence of the famous Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull, she went into an altered state and a strange voice would speak through her claiming to be a programmed consciousness that was placed by a higher race of beings linked to Atlanta within this crystal skull - the voice said, "High up in the Andes Mountain, will be found a skull that will be blue and this skull will have knowledge of where the others one are."

Although in my opinion the latest Indiana Jones film did not show the crystal skulls as we know them and what type of experiences we have with them or what kinds of results we see when we test the skulls with various electronic equipment, the movie did tell the world they are real. And for me, there is a part of my being or soul if you will who knows they are vital for the future of humanity. The Crystal Skulls are not going to go away - and more and more keep coming out. Last year we had a chance to visit Mexico and I probably saw 15-20 new skulls which could be quite old - they were not made by modern carvers but who made them - MesoAmerican people?? From Atlantis?? From Off World?? From the Inner Earth?? - who can say but more and more are coming out. I have also seen in the last two years another of other non-quartz skulls that are coming out of China and Mongolia with all kinds of shape and sizes.

So the Indiana Jones film, perhaps from a higher perspective was a sign about the crystal skulls role to play with humanity - we are very much interconnected. I believe within the next 2-3 years as we get closer to that magic date of December 21st, 2012 - something important linked with the crystal skulls is going to come up.

Anyway this is part of my story linked to the crystal skulls, especially what happened in Peru and I am sticking to it -

Thanks for reading this article and I hope I have provided in some way some food to think about. We live in a magical time now - many amazing new events and activities are coming soon and finally humanity will know who we truly are and what is our relationship with the great universe we find ourselves in. Perhaps each of us, needs to let out our own "Indiana Jones" inside of us and have grand adventures in the world.

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