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Then I receive a new guide to help me to go to Huancabamba - as my Spanish is not much to speak about, we first go to Piura, a coastal city in the northern part of Peru to spend the night and then catch a 9 hour bus to Huancabamba the next day. At the Youth Hostal we stay, the owner knows the main shaman of Huancabamba and writes a letter for us. After escaping for our lives the bus ride, which goes up a mountain like 15,000 feet on a single lane which goes up and down - we arrive in Huancabamba and after getting our hotel, we take a taxi to see the shaman - he asks us to come back the next morning. Now the whole trip, quitting my job, spending a nice chunk of change to go to Peru - will hinge on the meeting with the main shaman in Huancabamba - to see if they can guide me the next step to find this "Blue Skull". So we arrive and at first I listen to the shaman - who tells us about the local plants they use to heal people and the ceremonies they conduct - then when its my turn - (wondering to myself if I have wasted my time or not) I take out photos of various crystal skulls known in the world and ask the Shaman, if he knows anything about them - so what do you think his answer is?

skull tattoos Come on - do you think he said, "Oh Joshua, of course we know about the crystal skulls and it has been foretold that you would come to ask?" Well if this was an Indiana Jones film that is probably the way it would go but fear not, the shaman said he didn't know anything about what I was talking about - so I took a deep breath and sigh, what to do next. But then, there is always a but then, the grandson of the Shaman shows me a photo of one of the sacred lagoons in the mountain where they take people for a spiritual cleansing -- they are going there the next day - would we like to come along and watch and learn. Well, I did feel a powerful energy off the photo from the water of the Lagoon. I also learned later when we went into town that people reported UFOs showing up around this Lagoon, people walking on the water and some just disappearing into the water - so life was showing me the next step and we said ok, we would join them the next day. So the Grandson said, be ready at 4:30 AM, he would pick us up at our hotel. So we went to bed early and were ready in the morning.skullcandy.skull tattoos

But 4:30 AM came, 5:00 AM, 6:00 AM - no grandson - again a challenge, what is a crystal skull explorer to do - well being an Aries who doesn't like to give up I said to my guy, "Lets go to the Lagoon in the Mountain (it was called Laguna Negra, the Black Laguna) ourselves - so we found the taxi driver who took us to the shaman at home but he was sleeping and drunk - we found the taxi that was going to take the Shaman but he said the Shaman cancelled as he didn't have enough people and wanted us to pay for 6 people - I am Jewish what answer do you think I gave. And finally at 9 AM in the center of town we found a bus going up the mountain to take us where we had to go -- a place below the Lagoon where we could rent a mule - so by 11:30 AM, I was there - and we made it up to the Lagoon -- and when I was there - I knew this was the place I was looking to go (to camp for a few days) to seek the "Blue Skull" - because there was a face of a skull in the mountain behind the Lagoon. I was excited but... I didn't have my camping gear with me so we had to go back down the mountain - took about 5 hours to get our camping gear to come back up the next day - but I didn't care, spirit had guided me to the place.skull tattoos

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