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Anyway again to make a long story short, because this article is longer then I planned (I am just typing spontaneously here) - we climbed on the mountain two times to look for an entrance inside to perhaps a city that might have the skull but we were unsuccessful. On the last day we were at Laguna Negra, I took a walk away from the Lake by myself, sort of like a robot with a force pulling me - I came to a slight incline and found a circle of stones, I sat down - then a voice spoke to me (I had a headache after this) in my head which said in this area, the ancient continent of Lemuria existed and the "Blue Skull" was in a temple in a circular room exactly where I was sitting but the temple had been destroyed due to a great catalysm (they say the Andes Mountains were in Lemuria sea level and when Lemuria sank, the Andes Mountains rose) -- and that in this circular room were 13 skulls in glass cases on the wall - I was a Priest in this temple which is why I knew about the skull and was called to return to this area. Then when Lemuria was destroyed, the "Blue Skull" went to Atlantis - again I had a lifetime in the Temples of Atlantis linked to this skull - when Atlantis was destroyed, a group brought this skull and other sacred artifacts on a flying ship from Atlantis to Peru - it was returned to this area, to a group of people who lived in an underground city inside the Mountain by the Lagoon. I again had something to do with this group to bring the skull back. Then during the time of Lord of Sipan, some tall men came to him and gifted him the "Blue Skull" for a number of years - then he asked his councilor, the husband of one of his daughter to return the "Blue Skull" to the Talll People and his councilor was guided to the area we call the Laguna Negra and gave it to the tall people inside the mountain where it remains today.sweatshirt

Now this sounds like a science fiction story - this whole adventure to Peru could be pure fantasy but its my job to report it as it happens - for many of us who are having our own spiritual experiences - we have these type of experiences. Now, I have not seen physically this Blue Skull yet but it does speak to me in my mind and I see it in my mind's eye - it feels as if this crystal skulls is a living consciousness onto itself and it will decide, not any man who finds it - when it will come out - for all I know it can exists and travel through various dimensions or planes and may not always be in the physical.sweatshirt

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