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The entire world is now aware of crystal skulls due to the newest Indiana Jones movie. Crystal skulls have been around long before someone decided to make an adventure movie about them. Different skulls have made their way to Sedona many times in the past few years. The SciFi channel recently broadcast a documentary on crystal skulls where some of the scenes were filmed right here in Sedona at Angel Valley.skull and bones

Crystal skulls are replicas of human skulls made from clear or milky quartz crystal rock. Skulls carved out other stones and minerals are also readily available in various sizes from miniature to life size. You can get them on eBay and at gem shows. My personal collection of skulls includes a very small skull made from buffalo bone, a jasper skull, a Peruvian opal skull and a Russian Astrophylite skull. Each of the skulls I own has distinct energy and I use them as healing tools. They are my non human friends, who communicate with me in a way only we understand.skull and bones

The skull is an image associated with death and fear. Death and fear are the oppositional balancing energies to life and love. There is a natural beauty in skulls, reminding us to find balance through acknowledging death as part of the continuing cycle of life and recognizing fear as a means to understand love. Without death, there is no understanding of the nature of life. Without understanding fear, there can no understanding of love.skull crushers

According to some modern prophets, there are thirteen original crystal skulls on our planet. Three of the well known skulls are the Mitchell-Hedges skull reputedly discovered in Belize in 1924, the skull in The British Museum and the skull in the Musee du Quai Branly in Paris. More of the original thirteen crystal skulls are yet to be rediscovered. When all thirteen skulls are reunited, there will be major changes on planet Earth. Some psychics are claiming the skulls will be brought together on December 21, 2012, fulfilling Mayan prophecy. This may be the end of the world, or is it? One Mayan Elder spoke recently about the problem of applying the Gregorian calendar dating system to the ancient Mayan calendar. The end of the world as we know it is coming. How much longer can we go on as we have been? Everything in the Third Dimension has a beginning and an end and a new beginning. An energetic shift is near. I for one feel it, but I refuse to promote doom and gloom, otherwise known as fear energy. We each need to be shining examples of light and love and healing energy, progressing on our spiritual paths and being of service in our own way.skull anatomy

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