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I will get off my soap box and get back to crystal skulls. The skulls that are currently identified as originals have been labeled as pre-Columbian artifacts by those who claim to have discovered them. Some scientists and nonbelievers in the claims being made about crystal skulls, suggest the skulls were manufactured in the 19th century in Europe using modern tools. None of the skulls which have been subjected to scientific testing have been authenticated as pre-Columbian in origin. Yet, stories of crystal skulls with mystical powers persist. In the New Age community, some people say crystal skulls were used in the temples of Atlantis. There are also those who attach an extraterrestrial origin to the skulls, claiming they were delivered to earth by UFO's or created using alien technology. None of this can be proven. Nor can it be absolutely disproven. Just because something has been studied from a scientific perspective does not 100% validate or discredit it. The crystal skulls are a mystery. So is religion. There are no absolute answers, only more and more questions. This gets down to the very flexible nature of existence itself. Perception is the key. What you perceive is your reality, and your reality is just as valid as what the next person perceives. We each create our own reality.skullcandy

My reality concerning crystal skulls is looking at them from an energetic perspective. Everything is made of energy, including myself and crystals. I share an energetic connection with crystal skulls, even though I am from the animal kingdom and crystals are from the mineral kingdom. As an energetic being, moving beyond the perceived limitations of my human existence, I can connect with the energy of a crystal skull and feel the energetic presence. An energetic exchange occurs. Crystals (in skull form or otherwise) are amazing tools to positively charge spaces and focus healing energy. They can receive and transfer information, encouraging the mind to move through different levels of understanding. No matter where crystal skulls came from, just being in their presence and opening up to their presence can be a powerful experience energetically. Rather than trying to prove or disprove the origins and purposes of the crystal skulls, maybe we should allow for individual experience and accept the validity of all the possibilities concerning crystal skulls.skullcandy

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