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In the 1970's and 1980's there wasn't a lot known about the crystal skulls other than once in a while we might see a TV show or documentary that would do a presentation about them. However, now that we are in the 21st century - the crystal skulls are emerging quite frequently in various parts of our world. Plus, there doesn't seem to be an end of newly uncovered crystal skulls which are publicly surfacing which could have originated from ages past.

The objective of this article (of three parts) is to discuss briefly possible origins of the crystal skulls prior to the 19th century. And then in Part II and Part III we will investigate from a historical perspective the major crystal skulls which are publicly known today as well as how the crystal skulls are affecting physically and energetically the people they meet.

Here are four possibilities where these crystalline heads may have originally come from - but of course, there is no way to prove if any of these ideas or theories presented are or could be true:

1) Other Dimensions or from Extraterrestrial Civilizations - the reason for discussing that the crystal skulls could originate from either off planet or from other universes is that:

a) some of the crystalline skulls which have been discovered or unearthed are fashioned or formed with a superior design which means a highly evolved intelligence was needed to manufacture these skulls.

b) in the holographic images that seemingly appear within the crystalline head (especially the ones we believe are extremely old) which we have viewed in their presence, photographed or video taped, people have observed scenes showing "ETs" and sometimes these extraterrestials appear to be near their space craft.

c) people who claim they are having a telepathic communication with their personal crystal skulls (either newly carved or much older) say the intelligences that is speaking to them claims to be from a galactic or a dimensional source.

d) within the various indigenous cultures in the world are various legends which explain the origins of the crystal skulls (especially the Mesoamerican people), in which in some of these legends it is stated that these crystalline skulls are gifts from the Gods (which we could interpret as extraterrestials).

2) Advanced Civilizations from the Earth's Past such as Atlantis or Lemuria were responsible for creating the crystal skulls. This theory is mostly derived from: the past life memories people are having of these ancient cultures where they see themselves witnessing and experienced these crystalline heads in those times; is the information given by mediums or sensitives who are in the presence of a skull; or finally are derived from various elders or shamans linked to the Mayans who believe in the existence of Atlantis and that the areas they currently live in were once colonies of Atlantis.

3) The legend of the 13 Clan Mothers: (this information comes from a book written by Jamie Sams) In this legend, during the time of the existence of Turtle Island (many thousands of years ago) there were purportedly spiritual beings who took on the human form of a physical woman who visited the people living on this huge continent. Turtle Island existed within the Atlantic Ocean which eventually broke into pieces that became four continents that we know of today. During the time of the Clan Mothers, each of these women had their own crystal skull which when they returned to their dimension of origin, they left these crystalline heads to help and benefit the people.

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