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we have personally spoken to two sources who claim to have had a direct contact with the people who live on the Inner Surface of the Earth (meaning our world is hollow and gravity would hold a person the same to the inner surface of our planet just as we are held to the outer surface). The Inner Earth people claim that they originally came from various Galactic races who brought a crystal skull with a crystal body with them that contained the history and the genetic coding of their race.skull makeup

It seems likely if any of the four proposed theories of the skull's origins could be correct, it would logically make sense that when Atlantis and Lemuria were destroyed (as purported by legends), some of their people who could see the end coming, scattered throughout the world and took their sacred objects with them (including crystal skulls) which eventually landed into the areas we are now finding crystal skulls like Mexico, Central America and South America which were colonies of these great civilizations.skull drawing

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