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Stop don't walk... this article could change your life too!

Since the early 1920's, when the famous "Michell-Hedges Crystal Skull" was discovered (which is now being called "The Skull of Love" as was discussed with us by the guardian of this skull, Bill Homann during our radio interview in early June of 2012) - people have become fascinated with crystal skulls.

1. How could people from primitive cultures such as the Mayan, Aztec or Toltec using primitive carving tools make an almost duplication of the human bone skull as discovered with "The Skull of Love" (found in Belize in a Mayan ruin in 1924)?

2. Today modern carvers use diamond tip saws and wheels to make their very accurate carvings but such tools didn't come into availability since the 1970's - but due to the beauty and elegance of "The Skull of Love" - it has long been people's dreams to have a similar type of skull including yours truly.

There was a big debate for many years whether a modern carver using modern tools could make such a crystal skull - well when I was interview in January of last year for a TV documentary (The Truth about the Crystal Skulls) for National Geographic (don't ask me to comment about this show as it really didn't respect the skulls as the director promised us) - they had a clear quartz skull of two piece, human size, very close in design of the "Skull of Love". So this is how we learned about the Chinese carvers and that they could make such a skull.

But hold on - just because one makes such a beautiful and accurate skull - does not mean that this crystal skull will be special or have an energy as we have experience with ones like the "Skull of Love" that many people intuitively feel is a very old skull (some people have memories of this skull from Atlantis).

Now if you have heard of the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull ("The Skull of Love") and had questions or wondered what happened to this beautiful skull, Mr. Homann told us in a reason radio show that this crystal skull has requested he, as his guardian keep the skull more quiet and it is presently residing in nature helping to share a positive energy with our world.

Anyway, this article is part I, as we want to introduce you to the crystal skull that we received from the Chinese carvers which is a 13 lb, two piece rose quartz skull called "Rosalita". Almost from the day we received "her" (we feel a very feminite presence linked to this skull) she has communicated with us telepathically and been sending out an amazing energy that has touched so many people - the very day we received we did a coast to coast travel from Washington State (where we live) to North Carolina and back.

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