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So You Say You Want to be a Guardian of a Crystal Skull, but once you have it - what do you do next?skull bones

I have been fortunate to be involved with the crystal skulls for almost 30 years, I have seen quite a few - but the real key to be able to work with them and to also awakened their potential (the skull can take on a masculine, feminine or be both genders) is by following the five keys listed below:

1) You have to spend time with your crystal skull - this means to have the skull in your presence - so you become adjust energetically to the skull and its essence and it becomes adjusted to you.skull full of maggots lyrics.skull bedding

-- this implies that there is a living intelligence (or call it a spirit) that will work through the skull - this spirit is drawn to this skull due to your personal energy and vibration

-- also when I speak about a crystal skull, although this can work with other gemstones - I am referring more to skulls made from quartz, why?

-- quartz acts as a dimensional door which allows the spiritual intelligences to work through it a bit easier, OK back to the points oi vai!!

2) mediation is key - see below for a definition of meditation - to take time as you can - to go to a place of quiet and peace and meditate while either holding the crystal skull or having you close by.

-- first, what is meditation - a chance to shut down your logical mind and to listen to the inner part of you who is the real you - the you that has all your answers - to quiet the mind in this modern society takes discipline - sometimes focusing on one thing - a candle flame, a beautiful painting or scene in nature or listen to music can help.skull baking pan

-- assuming you are able to go into a meditation state - this will help to link more deeply your essence/vibration/energy with that of the crystal skull and begin to develop a form of communication.skull baking pan

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