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When tattoo enthusiasts decide on a tattoo hoping to send out a rebellious and tough vibe, they usually lean towards a skull tattoo design. Skulls are always associated with death and fearlessness. Skulls and crossbones are used in chemistry labs to depict hazardous and deadly substances in the nearby area. As this message is commonly understood through our culture, skull tattoos can also suggest meanings that are more delightful. In fact, skulls tattoos are not always requested only to look grim and chilling. Some tattoo recipients actually prefer a more cartoonish style to give off a cutesy and innocent feel. Therefore the meanings of skull tattoos can vary depending on how you choose to interpret the design.

As we should all know by now, skulls are viewed negatively because it is the ultimate symbol of death. For that reason, during Halloween, it is common tradition to decorate our house with spooky objects such as skulls and skeletons. Similarly, it is believed that pirates utilize an image of a skull on their flag to bring about fear to other travelers of the sea. In relation to death, the skull is also understood as a sign of triumph. During important battles in the past, it is common for the king to request the head of the person they wish to see dead. This is a way to show solid proof that the enemy is dead while displaying the superiority and power of the king. Consequently, through past events, the skull has gained the reputation for being frightening. But did you know that is not always the case? Believe it or not, skulls are also pictured in a positive light.

During ancient times, skulls were a symbolization of big changes rather than death or danger. This meaning has been adapted over the years and tweaked. Now, skulls serve the important meanings of power, protection, and strength. Additionally, sporting a skull tattoo can symbolize your ability to overcome death and tragedy. Therefore a skull tattoo can be contrasted against the popular meaning of death and represent determination, strength, and toughness as a person instead.

Alternatively, in Christian culture, the meanings of skulls are slightly more complex. Skulls are a symbol of eternity, repentance and human vanity. Many times we see art pieces of a serpent slithering through the eye socket of a skull. In this particular design, the snake is a symbol of knowledge while the skull resembles death. Combining the two together creates a modified meaning of immortality. Although there are many different meanings of skulls, both positive and negative, the only thing important is what a skull tattoo means to you.

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