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Therefore, among the defining characteristics of professional curricula, as opposed
to preprofessional curricula, are the depth and scope of design content in both the
discipline and the practice of graphic design; the relationship of such study to the
broader academic context; and the deliberate intention to create individuals who
can manage complexity and change at the highest levels of practice.
There is enormous variety in the professional curricula that achieve these
outcomes, and I have long been reluctant to publish model curricula or even
exemplar projects that depend almost entirely on particular faculty expertise,
student qualifications, course position in a scaffolded curriculum, and institutional
context. But excellent professional programs in design demonstrate that, regardless
of their structure and the particular skills of faculty, it takes time to produce a
professional and even longer to produce a leader in the field. I’m not talking about
specific amounts of “seat time” in classrooms, numbers of credits assigned to
particular areas of study, or even the age of the student, although these factors play
some role in the development of essential competencies. There are reasonable limits
to how quickly results can be
By time I mean the progressive and integrated experiences in design education
that build insight; the maturation of thinking skills and elaboration of concepts that
can only happen through significant, ongoing immersion in the work of a discipline.
This is a scholarship of design that continues as designers progress from school
through their practice career. The goal for design faculty in professional programs,
therefore, should not be simply to monitor student completion of a menu of
required professional courses or to verify inclusion of each professional project type
in the student’s portfolio (annual report, poster, Web site, etc.). Instead, the mission
of professional curricula should be to instill in students a disposition for scholarship
in both the academic and professional settings; to use Carnegie Foundation
President Ernest Boyer’s terms, the scholarship of discovery (mastery of new
knowledge), the scholarship of integration (making connections), and the
scholarship of application (service).design