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The crystal skull is one of the most baffling artifacts in history. There is massive debate going on right now of their origins their purpose and there powers. The most famous crystal skulls all believed to have been found in Mexico and south America. Though many others have been found in Tibet and other places all over the world.crystal skull vodka

The thing that really baffles scientists is how they are carved. The skulls are simply put too perfect to have been carved by humans who had the technology of ancient Mayans and Aztecs. All evidence points to the fact that they should have cracked or been some how chipped or broken but none can be found.

The greatest piece of evidence that critics possess is the fact that due to the nature of the crystal skull there is no way to tell how old they are. This brings scientists a great degree of frustration. Since none of the crystal skulls were found from documented archaeological digs it is believed that they were carved during by Europeans and claimed that they were from south America and Mexico. However it is my personal opinion that some of the more well crafted skulls could not be created by anything that was not invented in the last century or so.crystal skulls for sale

Though there is hundreds of theories on the powers of the crystal skulls so far the most popular is the idea that they are recorders. That the crystal structure found within the skull acts as a computer to record and give off signals for the human brain to pick up. These signals act somewhat like visions of the past of things that the crystal skull has not only looked at itself but also recorded from the mind of previous owners.

However the crystal skull is known to have other powers mostly powers of healing. There have been several instances of people feeling and being miraculously cured after being in the presence of a crystal skull. Including people with brain tumors.

The most famous and widely known of the crystal skulls is called the Mitchell-Hedges skull. Though its origins are indeed hazy seeing how it wasn't documented in the archaeological report where it was discovered and was found underneath a ruined altar by the daughter of the lead archaeologist. The greatest piece of evidence to point to the fact that its real is the fact that many Mayans claim that their the high priest of their ancestors did use a crystal skull to "will death". Also many people observing the skull have found there to be nearly no scratch marks except some grinding marks on the teeth which is naturally found on the teeth of real skulls. Anna who was the person to discover the skull says that when she put the skulls next to her bed she had dreams of being an ancient Mayan. When she removed the skulls the dreams stopped coming.crystal skull makeup

There are many theories over who made them. Some believe they come from Atlantis others believe from a people who lived in the center of the earth. Many believe that they were made some where in the eighteen or 19th century. Others believe that aliens had a hand in their creation. In truth who made them is their greatest mystery since there is practically no evidence pointing in any direction.crystal skull makeup

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