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design and graphic technology: Web Masters everywhere are always looking for the most creative way to set their sites

apart from the next. That's what gives them a presence on the web and is the best way to

get noticed among the countless other designers trying to do the same thing. Unless you're

familiar with a graphic design this problem really can't be addressed because you need

unique designs to really stand out. The only way to get these custom designs is to either pay

someone to create them for you or learn to do the graphic design yourself.

Graphic Designers don't have it easy either. There are numerous Graphic Designers on the

web and they need original material to make a presence for themselves also. Both Web

Designers and Graphic Designers work hand in hand to accomplish the same goal which is to

be well known on the internet and to have a good reputation. In most cases, the Web

Designer practices, or is a Graphic Designer themselves.

In my industry of CAD or Computer Aided Design, I'm constantly creating custom 3D models

and other 3D designs. Graphic Designers can use these 3D models to create Logos, Images

and other forms of Custom 3D visualizations. Fresh new content is where it's at in the design

field and the Designers with the freshest and newest content is the one that's getting

business. If you really want to stand out and make a name for yourself in one of the design

industries you better know how to run several software programs specifically for design and

incorporate them throughout your portfolio.

Web Designers definitely need help from Graphic Designers in order to help their website

stand out and have its own sense of uniqueness. Think about it, if you decide you want to

build a website for your new company you do not want it to look and have the same

characteristics as your competitors. What you want is something that sets you apart so the

customers and visitors to your site are more attracted to your site, and therefore use your

company to meet their business requirements. The next time you browse the internet pay

attention to the sites that are getting more business, and I guarantee their visual

representation is much better than their competitors.