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The sequel to Papas Burgeria has now been released and is expected to become just as huge and popular on the online gaming market as its predecessor, Papas Burgeria. Papas Burgeria was a game about a burger restaurant that needed to be run smoothly by cooking burgers to the customers, Papas Taco Mia is created using the same style only this time you'll be cooking Mexican Taco styled food.

The game starts off by introducing you to the different stations in the restaurant including the Order Station, the Grill Station and the Building Station, the customers will, when the steps have been completed, judge your performance on each of these steps.papa johns deals

You'll get the highest points in the order station if you are there to take the clients orders without making them wait for you. To make it easier to achieve high points in this station you can upgrade the "waiting room" with flower pots, posters, coffee machines, jukeboxes and lots more to keep your clients busy.

It's important to keep a close eye on the grill station, the meat needs to be flipped once and mustn't be left too long in the pan to keep it from getting burnt. The chicken needs to be cut once and then flipped to achieve highest possible points and this needs to be done at a specific time throughout the cooking for a great tasting taco chicken.papa johns deals

The building station is the most skillful moment throughout the whole making of the taco. It needs to come out looking neat and tidy and include the right fillings. The fillings could be anything from beans to chilli sauce.

After these stations have been attended and the steps completed it's time to serve the tacos, the most important thing to remember here is to serve the right food to the right customer. Do this by placing the ticket on the right taco tray, the tips will depend upon the scoring received and the type of customer you are serving.papa johns deals

With the tip money and the wages you earn you get a chance between each opened restaurant day to upgrade your restaurant. Items to choose from here are, as mentioned before, objects that will make it easier to score higher next day, for example a knife that cuts the chicken faster, a doorbell that makes it possible for you to hear the customers entering your restaurant when you're at the grill or building station, and other items that might make the customers journey throughout the restaurant visit more pleasant which leads to more tips and more awards.papa johns deals

The possibilities for taco building will increase as the game proceeds with new products entering the kitchen as often as possible to keep your clients interested and your restaurant hip and trendy, this could be taco accessories like fillings, sauces and last but not least, the different types of taco wraps to use.papa johns deals

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