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The law of attraction is the most powerful force in the universe, our energy vibrations truly do effect what we draw into our lives.

A great quote to consider here ~ "Be Careful What You Wish For"

Now this probably strikes you as something your parents or grandparents said to you as a small child... Well this rule still applies when it comes to the law of attraction at any age. The thought vibrations we are sending out to the universe are drawing the like things into our lives. This works every time no exceptions!

I speak from personal experience here, your energy vibrations, also know as "vibes" are sending out a message to the universe just like a radio transmitter. Every thought, desire and wish is projected back into your life.

Now I am not saying you need to keep track of every thought you have that would be far too difficult, use your feelings to reflect your vibes, feel good, feel happy, feel energised. Let your good vibes flow:)

If you have things showing up in your life good or bad take responsibility for these things, accept that you have manifested them in your life, when you can master this and understand that everything showing up in your life is a reflection of your vibes then you can master setting your vibrational energy level to the right pitch ~ that of a positive one.

A great way to look at this in simple terms is to imagine blowing out your candles on your birthday cake... What would you wish for? Something bad to happen.....? I didnt think so! See your thoughts as your wish to the universe for everything you desire in life....

Be careful what you wish for my friends and keep your positive vibes flowing:)

Thank you for reading ~ If you feel you would like to make a positive change in your life and spread your wings and start to fly feel free to visit my website listed below ♥

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