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In recent years my energy healing focus has shifted rather dramatically. For decades, like many healers and meditators, I have predominantly been using cosmic energy or life force which enters through the mind and the crown chakra and then enters the body via the chakra system.

Earth Mother

Yet there is another healing source, or focus, and just this past year she has become a powerhouse of healing potential. I am referring to our very own Mother Earth, as we have entered a golden age of Gaia, the Earth energy budget

Energetically there have been massive shifts in the earth and the energetic grids that are both surrounding and within the planet supporting all life's upward spiral of evolution.

To be complete, the path to enlightenment or ascension must now include connection with Gaia. In order to sustain the higher levels of consciousness available now, we must be able to integrate these higher energies into our physical bodies. We must spiritualize our physicality if we want to experience more bliss, vitality, well-being and oneness. This is what I often refer to as becoming the "Divine Human" by allowing more of our divinity to inhabit our humanity.

The great news is, Gaia is fully capable of uplifting us now. Before 2012, many light-workers and meditators opted to go out the crown chakra (top of head), and only connect with cosmic energy, as the earth and all of matter (including our bodies) felt too dense and heavy. This is no longer the case, as many other healers and visionaries have also noticed. Through all of the combined healing efforts of light-workers around the globe, the Earth's essence, or Gaia has awakened into the higher dimensional planes.

We had direct experience of this phenomenal shift about midway through my first Divine Human course in 2012. It felt as if the divine consciousness that had incarnated to assume the role of creating a home to humanity had been set free of the shackles of lower vibrational energies of fear, mistrust, greed, misuse of power that had been the norm for eons and was finally liberated and expanded, and we all felt an amazing "lightness of Being."

How Does Healing with Earth Energy Work?

Earth energy constitutes a natural and subtle form of electrical energy, which plays an important role in sustaining life. We are all made of the elements of the earth. Our organs, bones, tissues, and our entire cell structure is made up of the vitamins and minerals that the vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds and herbs of the earth provide for us when we eat them.

At the most basic level, earth energy healing occurs quite naturally when you receive energy from the earth. The energy will flow through the energy channels in your body, through the human energy field and the chakras. When the energy flows through your body, you will experience a sense of balance and well-being. This is often the first energy technique I teach called Grounding, and it works well for both domesticated animals and people too.

When Earth Energy is Blocked

Most of the positive energy in our body consists of earth energy and cosmic energy. Earth energy helps restore the flow of energy through your body system, thus enabling you to heal yourself. It is generated by the planet and comprises a solid, rich vibration that helps you feel balanced in your physical self and emotionally connected to life.

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