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Until a few years ago, master’s and PhD
studies were the domain of institutions with exclusively educational missions.
Students and industry were respectful of their authority to certify the highest
educational status and confer superior career potential. But the design profession
and its educational needs have changed. Today’s information society is dominated
by speed and diversity. Production has moved from material to immaterial goods
like ideas, images, services, experiences, and relationships. Ours is a society where
globalized economy, information technology, and communication democracy have
dramatically multiplied need and possibility. The current educational system cannot
depend only on material production–age methods based on centralized militarystyle
models still widely in
How is advanced education in communication and design evolving in this
scenario? The buzzword may be “alternative opportunities.”
Since 1998 I have headed the Visual Communication Department at Fabrica,
the Benetton Research and Development Center for Communication in Treviso,
Italy. Fabrica is a unique hybrid environment of learning, experimentation, and
commercial practice sponsored by the Benetton Group. From its opening in 1994 by
Luciano Benetton and Oliviero Toscani, hard-core networking has been one of its
most successful philosophies, making the institution today the central node of an
advanced international network of students, teachers, artists, 2d/3d and interactive
designers, photographers, musicians, publishers, writers, filmmakers, and critics.
I guide a group of selected international student/experimenters who receive
an all-expenses-paid, one-year grant. They benefit from learning by doing—working
on world-class projects and attending world-class workshops, garnering extensive
media exposure for their work, and drawing on numerous privileged connections.
Benetton benefits from the public recognition, the extraordinary relationships
generated from this unique global “think-net,” and the innovative spirit that the
center spreads out to the rest of the
And here is where the future is going: Like Fabrica, design education in the
future will be seeded with more alternative education opportunities that will resemble corporate R&D departments focused on present and future socioeconomic Distinctive realities. Students will learn by doing. They will acquire knowledge from their successes and mistakes on real market assignments. The curricula will be based on finalized projects, short full-immersion workshops and lectures, and interdisciplinary speculation. Classes will become fast-paced, adaptable, small task forces. Projects and project leaders will bubble up spontaneously and prosper or fail, depending on team interest. Study platforms will be fluidly influenced by partnerships from corporate and governmental partners. The “open source” software development mode, based on idea democracy, peer-to-peer recognition, and horizontal hierarchy, will prevail. Attention will be given to ecology-oriented studies, where the efforts will address the social and environmental