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Focus one's thought upon the thing desired with great feeling of enthusiasm and gratitude.

"What you have become is the result of what you have thought", Gautama Buddha

Followers of the modern 'Law of Attraction' claim that the Law of Attraction has roots in Quantum Physics. According to the 'law of attraction', thoughts have an energy that attracts like energy In order to control this energy, followers state that people must practice four things

Know what one desires and ask the universe for it. (The "universe" is mentioned broadly, stating that it can be anything from God to an unknown source of energy.) Feel and behave as if the object of your desire is already yours.
Be open to receiving it.positive vibes only

Thinking of what one does not have to perpetuate not having it. Followers say that by following these principles and avoiding "negative" thoughts, the Universe will manifest a person's desires.

The word "vibe" comes from the word "vibration". You either put out a negative vibe or positive vibe. People don't usually say "positive" vibration or "negative" vibration.

Every single moment of your life you have a mood or feeling. Either you are feeling positive or negative. There is no in between. The Law of Attraction is responding to the vibration you are emitting. If you are feeling good, then the vibration is giving you more of the positive. If you are feeling bad or negative, then the vibration you will get back is negative.positive vibes only

Did you ever get up in the morning with a bad attitude? Everything you seem to do is going wrong. You look for an outfit and realize it had to be washed. Now you are searching for something you don't want to wear. You can't find your shoes. Your car is acting up. You hit into more traffic than you normally do. Your boss is nasty to you. You seem to mess up on any work that is given to you today. You come home and wish you never went to work because you feel just as bad now as you did in the morning.

You could have changed your whole situation by becoming positive. Changing that negative thought to a positive thought. Changing that negative vibration to a positive vibration.positive vibes meaning

When you are around certain people, you may feel a positive or negative vibe. Walk away from that negative person or change that person's negative thoughts into positive thoughts. If you don't, you will become negative and have a crappy day.positive vibes meaning

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