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Although decades of repression and dissociation result from forcibly throwing all feelings into a single boiling cauldron, they can equally and ironically be frozen in a time-suspended freezer.custom t-shirts

"Our disconnection can come in the form of frozen feelings, which are also known as 'psychic numbing,'" according to the ACA textbook (pp. 268-269. "We become so numb to feelings and sensations... Some of us have been so traumatized that we shut down our emotions and cut ourselves off from our bodies. While we still function in our jobs and relationships, we are not totally present in our bodies. We look at others and wonder what it is like to feel 'normal'... In reality, we are not feeling much of anything."

This concept can also be metaphorically expressed.custom t shirts

"Many adult children have 'frozen' feelings in addition to being confused about (them)," according to the ACA textbook (p. 185). "Our feelings are like a great glacier, which appears stationary, but which moves with great force and sureness. Hidden within the glacier are huge boulders that scrape the earth, leaving deep scars and ruts. Occasionally, one of these huge rocks works its way up, piercing the icy surface... Release occurs."

Tantamount to this release is the realization that feelings exist in the body, while the definitions of them only exist in the head. The former entails emotionalization. The latter is called intellectualization.t-shirt printing

The tucked and buried inner child, a necessary, time-suspended defense against and expression of the person's original abuse and cognizance of his home-of-origin danger, represents his true self and, as such, is a long-forgotten and unreachable treasure trove of intrinsic resources, natural endowments, positive feelings, and love, the latter of which is the essence bestowed upon him by his Creator and which he therefore shares with the souls of every living and even deceased human being.make your own shirt

One of the initial steps on the path to recovery, which will most likely entail self-help reading, therapy, psychology support groups, and spiritual twelve-step programs, is re-realizing the existence and then re-identifying the multitude of feelings the adult child was born with, but was forced to disconnect them, even on an intellectual level, before skirting the fringes of them on an emotional one.

The more he can bore through the surrounding and converting negative and painful ones that were necessary psychological defenses, the more he can embrace and move to the center of the positive ones. Even the former, however, have layers. Below anger, for example, may be hurt.

Although moving out of isolation may be considered the first phase of recovery, reclaiming a person's feelings constitutes the second one.make your own shirt

"The return of feelings," according to the ACA textbook (p. 83), "is the second stage of mourning and indicates healing has begun. Initial feelings of anger, guilt, rage, and despair resolve into a final acceptance of loss. Genuine grieving for our childhood ends our morbid fascination with the past and lets us return to the present, free to live as adults."

Part of this path entails identifying the appropriateness of feelings to the current situation and gauging if they are still too reactive or amplified for it.

Feelings, in the end, reawaken adult children to what they were before dysfunctional, alcoholic, or abusive upbringings transformed them into what they were not, allowing them to once again feel alive and enhance their experiences as they negotiate the world. Provided that boundaries have been defined and that they have re-risen to a level of trust, feelings serve as the restitched threads to the souls of humanity they lost, enabling them to share their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states with others and, indirectly to God or the Higher Power of their understanding, thus completing them.Customized Shirts

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