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Beginners Guide to Hunting
So you're interested in hunting but you've never done it and you don't know where to start. Well for starters "Welcome" and relax it is not as daunting as you may think. This article is going to lay out some of the basics and make it easy and fun.deer hunting shirts

Best place to start is with your state Department of Fish and Game. The name of this department varies from state to state but a quick search of your state government website should lead you right to the correct agency or department. Most states have copies of their regulations available online or for free at your local Wal-Mart.deer hunting shirts

Don't panic yet, you don't have to read the whole regulation all at once, this is just to let you know what type of hunting is available in your area and so you have access to the regulations to look up answers to your questions as you go along. A quick glance through the information is all you need to get you started. What you want to look for is the type of game that is available, when the seasons are and what weapons are allowed for the game you choose.deer hunting season

You don't want to spend money on a great Elk hunting rifle then find out there are no Elk or no rifle seasons for Elk in your state. Most, if not all, states have some sort of Deer seasons, but not all states have rifle seasons for Deer.

At this point we have the state hunting regulations, we know what type game is available to hunt and what type of weapons we can use. See how easy that was. You're well on your way already.deer hunting season

Now that you know what game is available, what method of take is available, and when the season is, you want to look into where the seasons are open. Check the regulation to see if the season is on public or private land. If it is public you're done for now but if it is private you will need to find contact information for the owners of the land to see what is required to hunt the land. Sometimes you just need written permission and other times they require you to pay a fee. Personally I would plan on public land whenever possible.camo hunting suit