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11,9×17,9 format teespring
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Eda Warren, of Desktop Publishing Services, adds:
I have a Web site and as a certified and authorized training
provider, I get referrals from Adobe and Quark. I also advertise in
a local learning guide to community classes of all types. Any design
work that I get comes from my training clients. I’m good at getting
template work because if they need design skill and don’t have a
designer, they are grateful for the
And I sell a unique product—templates almost sell themselves.
They benefit the client in two very special ways. They get a
professionally designed solution to their communication problem,
responding to the unique problem definition of their message,
their audience, and their objectives. This already makes my template
a quantum leap beyond pre-packaged templates that are provided
by software programs. Secondly, I give the client a file that is
optimized for the production of that document, with all factors
taken into account—file setup, master pages, defaults, standing
items, and of course style I also do a session of template
training and give them documentation of the process that is specific
to their document. It’s an unbeatable combination because
they get to do the work internally and maintain control of the
project, and I get the design and training business (without the
A training client of mine once told me that their office had
some big design firm make them a newsletter template (the decision
was not in her hands), but unfortunately, the outside designer
didn’t know PageMaker, the program I had trained my client on, so
after paying thousands of dollars for the design, delivered as
printed proofs, no file, my client was asked to construct the template
file herself!!
Notice how Eda created a “win-win” opportunity for her firm and
her client on the heels of a negative experience from a competitor.
Here’s another view from Cathie Bleck, of Cathie Bleck
Illustration in Cleveland, Ohio:
I send very few promotionals, but when I do I try to make it something
collectable or one of a kind. I also like to keep these promos
for selective clients and it is a small list of designers for the most
part. If I have to turn down a job, I try to make the effort to send
some tear sheets as a follow up and a personal note.
I am also involved with an outstanding co-op of artists,and we are promoting together
through ads, gallery shows, and special promos. Being associated
with quality work is vital to presenting ones work. I am also planning
to take out a double page spread in Mark Murphy’s “Heaven
and Hell” book which will feature one hundred outstanding artists’
works and will be marketed to museums, galleries, stores, design
and advertising