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Now that you have a marketing message and a target market
(chapter 1), all your self-promotion materials need to be directed
toward the work you want to do more of (not necessarily the work
you are doing now)! This includes any advertising you do for your
design or illustration
In advertising, look forward, do not look backward. Always look
at advertising the work you want to do, not just what you do. As an
example of a marketing message and a target market to advertise, let’s
say you have decided on packaging design. Then, your advertising will
focus on a packaging design message, in text and graphics. Instead, if
your message is your illustration style, all your advertising will focus
on your personal style and the way you work and conceive of designs.
This alignment is crucial. Your target market comes first; it lends
focus and direction to your marketing message. All advertising must
then flow from your strategic marketing message.
Remember, marketing is made of many different tools and advertising
may not be the right tool for you. Your portfolio, promo pieces,
and even your direct mail and e-mail marketing will probably be your
primary promotional materials. Since advertising is one of the most
expensive and least measurable tools, you will have to be sure you
have matched your marketing message to your
CHAPTER ELEVEN When is Advertising STYLE-BASED MARKETING MESSAGE First, if your marketing message is based on your style, you will be more likely to consider buying display ad space. Many illustrators use a “style” marketing message, so it would make more sense to use display advertising for illustration than for design. Style is not the type of market easily researched and you cannot always second-guess a client’s need for style. When you have a strong style, you will want to broadcast your marketing message to the tens of thousands of potential clients larger circulation ads can reach. Then, they figure out that you are perfect for their project and they will call you. INDUSTRY-BASED MARKETING MESSAGE Second, if your marketing message is based on a specific industry, you will be able to check on buying ad space in industry trade publications—even in industry association newsletters. Though these are smaller circulations (and carry less expensive ads), they are highly targeted to the audience you are trying to reach for your design or illustration USE-OF-WORK OR SUBJECT-OF-WORK MARKETING MESSAGE Third, as a designer or illustrator you may be less likely to invest in display advertising for a marketing message based on the use of your work or the subject of the work. Each of these two markets has a client base that you can either research or buy a list for, and then use direct mail Because your clients will give you other kinds of projects they want done, be aware that you do not need to change your marketing message (and ad campaign) when you get work you are not showing in your ad. Stick to your ad campaign. For example, your best packaging design or illustration client decides it is time to include you in their annual report project. This does not mean you need to change all your advertising over to annual reports. Simply do a great job, take the money, and say “thank you.” Most important to note: you do not have to advertise for all the work you get, just the work you want to THE GRAPHIC DESIGNER’S & ILLUSTRATOR’S GUIDE TO MARKETING & PROMOTION do. Another example: You are promoting your strong, visual style as a designer or an illustrator and then get a job that doesn’t quite tap into your highest level of technical ability and creativity. No problem, simply place that sample in your file of promotional materials just in case this type of project ever does come up again! .design