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ving right now means that you forget the past and you forget the future. Concentrate on what you can do right in this moment to improve your relationship. That could mean just sitting down to talk. See how your significant other is feeling. Hold hands and look at each other when you are speaking. The touch is such an important part of a relationship. The connection of the eyes is even more important. That is where you can see each other more deeply. I am not talking about just the physical form, but the spirit.

When you love in this moment there are no words that will describe what the feeling is. Love is the only word that will ever matter. It becomes such that you love each moment that you have a chance to be with the people you love. There are no more what ifs, ands or buts about it. A beautiful thought will overcome your mind that this is the exact moment that you have been looking for. Many people will dream of this love but only a few will ever understand.

Each time people that we care about have conflict we jump to conclusions. Sometimes we are correct and sometimes it has nothing to do with what we are thinking. The first thing to do at this point is to listen with your heart. Be silent. Let them tell you the story that is on their mind. This will open you up to a whole new set of conversation to have. By listening you are letting them know that they are important in your world. The world that you share will become a brighter place the more you can listen to the whole story. A lot of times after the story is told there isn't anything to say other than I love you.

Is love enough to help your relationship? The longer we live the more we come to realize that we can love and yet something is missing. No one can always answer what that something is. What we can do right now about it is love with our whole heart. Listen with our whole heart. Make every day special by showing your significant other the love that they deserve.

One exercise that you can do to improve any relationship is to look at the other person. Only see the person as perfect as they are. They must be doing everything they are currently doing to be who they are. If they were going to change in any way that change must come within their own hearts and minds. It is up to each of us to live as we are. Be as we are. As time passes we will begin to see and experience new events that allow our true selves to become more of who we want to be. The person you have chosen to be with is exactly perfect as they are. Love them in that way.

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