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Arizona mule deer hunting is a very popular sport in the state, and has been for quite some time. Very simply, Arizona offers a lot more wildlife than most people think; it is not simply all desert. There are many deer that live and the state, and therefore the hunting there is very abundant.

For many people, hunting for mule deer is all about the scenery that they are hunting and, not so much the hunting itself. This is because the mule deer generally live in some of the most beautiful places in America.

In fact, sometimes just being out in the nature that they live in is enough, even if you don't catch any deer and your trip. Believe it or not, Arizona offers a lot of great scenery in addition to the Grand Canyon, and when you hunt for mule deer, you will find this out.

Often times, being out there is simply a great way to unwind and relax after a long work week, and get rejuvenated. Of course, if you are interested in catching some mule deer during your Arizona hunting excursion, hopefully these tips will help you to achieve success.

Obviously, the most important part about hunting for mule deer is to be in shape. Very simply, this is even more important with mule deer than it is with most other kinds, because of some of the remote locations that they live in.

With other deer, you can often times simply go into your backyard and hunt, assuming you live in a wooded area. This usually is not the case with mule deer. Because they live so far out, you'll have to do a lot of walking, and therefore be in very good shape.

Also, practice shooting as much as possible, so that you can simulate a real-life Arizona mule deer hunting shooting experience. For this, go down to the driving range and practice at ranges of about 300 yards.

Start out of 100 yards, and work your way out. This is similar to golf in that when you start practicing golf, you would start with your pitching wedge, and work your way up with to your driver. Hunting is really very similar. This is probably the typical range you will be shooting the Arizona mule deer in real life, so you want to get as good at this range as possible.

Generally speaking, mule deer like to stay into the fields and valleys, but also sometimes wander up on to the bridges to do their feeding. Therefore, you want to be sure you know where they plan and feeding before you go on.

As I've often advocated, without knowing this, how can you ever be a successful as you can otherwise be? No matter how good a hunter you might be, if there are no animals to hunt, you will never really catch anything.

Therefore, knowing the area you plan on hunting and, and knowing where the deer will be migrating to, is the most important part of your hunting trip. Everything else is secondary.

Another great Arizona mule deer hunting tip is that, if you are shooting for a buck, when you see a group of does there will generally be a buck either behind them or with them. Therefore, you can generally count on this when you're hunting for mule deer, and you can go after some of the biggest here you can find.

Also, if there is a group of does and there is no buck, don't simply give up and going to the next location; wait and be prepared. Often times, the buck takes up the rear of the group, so you need to be prepared even if it doesn't show up immediately.

Of course, if you do plan on taking part in stalk hunting, this is very difficult with mule deer, but can still be done. For this, make sure that you know exactly where you are going to go as you follow the deer; be sure you have the plan is to which brush, rocks, you cannot hide behind.

This is sometimes necessary if the original location you are in does not have the best chance to catch the deer. Ideally you will have this stalk route plan out beforehand, in case your original location doesn't work out as planned. Hopefully these Arizona mule deer hunting tips will enable you to catch as many deer as possible in the upcoming season.

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