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CHASE DESIGN GROUP: THE ART OF PRESENTATIONS .jobs Presentations are not only about business—they’re about relationships. Don’t send a printed sample if you can possibly help it. We try to get an in-person meeting and make a presentation. Our first meeting is usually a capabilities presentation that lasts an hour. It tells our history, discusses our strategic thinking in the context of an appropriate case study, shows examples of other work, and describes results we have achieved for past Then, there are sales presentations, which focus on the work to be done and the impact sought for the client’s business. We always start with research that clarifies the business problem. (Often it contains its own answers.) Next, we craft a strategy: who is really the customer for this product? Who could be? How can we reach them most effectively? Often a positioning change is needed for the company or product line. The creative direction comes next; it defines the visual and verbal messaging that will deliver on the strategy. Finally, we execute the design work, which typically includes identity, packaging, the point of purchase materials, and visual merchandising. This process, customized for each situation, is detailed in the proposals that we provide to We give presentations during projects too. For major retailer accounts, we might present every week; they’re like working meetings. For small jobs we might just present twice during the project. At the end of a big project, we like to present to the rest of the company—to launch the work internally and get buy-in and enthusiasm. Branding is just as important inside the company as outside, influencing the way people feel about their work. Different customers are comfortable with different styles of presentation and conversation. Always be prepared to adjust for each client and each situation. You may need to do this on the fly. Be present and alive so you notice when you are losing After each presentation, we turn our focus back on ourselves to assess how it went. Clarity is such a big deal. There’s always something that can be improved. We are evolving every