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You are synonymous with your business. Heighten the public’s awareness of your
design expertise and specializations through the media and public
“Publicity is the most overlooked promotional tool and the least expensive!”
Maria Piscopo writes in The Graphic Designer’s and Illustrator’s Guide to Marketing
and Promotion. The beauty of publicity is that it’s a free or extremely low-cost
means of getting you or your business in front of hundreds or even thousands of
readers who may realize they need your design
Increasing publicity for your business requires you to keep your eyes open
for opportunities to blow your own horn. Trust us on this: Everybody needs to
celebrate their achievements, even if you’re a shrinking violet or behind-thescenes
kind of person. After all, you’re in the design business and the name of
the game is attracting attention to your work and services, right?
James Bradley, president of Chase Design Group, told us he takes a broad
view on the subject of public relations. He says, “My PR goals are much loftier
than news releases. I prefer stories written about clients—their problems and
solutions—that just happen to mention that we did the work. Another category
I like involves articles we write; for example, we have had a column called
‘Trend’ in the last several issues of Create magazine. A third category of PR pertains
to articles where one of us is quoted as an
News releases (also known as press or media releases) do remain the backbone
of publicity. To improve the chances that your releases will appear in print, start
by asking yourself two important questions:
• Is this timely; namely upcoming or in the very recent past? • Is this a topic that will be considered newsworthy to my intended audience, in this case newspaper or magazine publishers? Once you’ve passed these two tests, review the press release basics, including a template, found on page Triggers Unsure about which occasions warrant a news release? Any of these ten situations can serve as triggers: • Changing your location • Expanding services • Adding staff • Winning awards • Announcing a new client • Launching clients’ new logos, Web sites, or campaigns • Marking a milestone anniversary • Hosting an open house • Sponsoring a special event • Making public presentations