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Media Lists

If you don’t have a list of appropriate newspapers, magazines, online journals,

and organizations updated and ready for immediate use, shame on you! Drag

out the phone books and professional directories or do some online research to

put one together.

Sure, we can all dream about seeing our news releases appear in The New

York Times or HOW Magazine; however, chances are far greater that the smaller

venues will yield better results. Think local newspapers, regional publications,

business journals, trade magazines. If your client is located in another city or

state, send a release to that locale as well.


With the advent of digital cameras and computer technology, taking and editing

quality photos is easier than ever. Savvy promoters tell us that you increase your

news release’s chance of getting published if it’s accompanied by a clear, relevant

photo. For instance, maybe it’s a shot of you delivering the new logo to the client

(with their banner or signage in the background, of course).

If you do send a photo, don’t forget to include a possible photo caption at the

bottom of your release. Double-check that all names are spelled correctly and

that you’ve used the right titles.

Snail Mail Versus E-Mail

There are opposing view points on this topic. Yes, it’s cheaper and easier to circulate

your news releases via e-mail; however, with spam a growing pain, realize

your message might not reach its destination. If you do opt for e-mail, you can

increase the chances that it will get through by pasting instead of attaching, but

be sure to limit the size of your release to avoid clogging or shutting down your

recipient’s e-mail system.

Some designers prefer to stand out from the pack by sending a news release

the old-fashioned way, by snail mail. That way you can use your own letterhead,

include your logo, and jazz it up with color to catch the editor’s eye.

Publicity Optimization

When the publicity gods smile on you and you make it into print, by all means

optimize your exposure. Secure several hard copies for future use as press packet

pieces. Of course, you’ll want to send one of them to your client, along with a

brief personal note. (Refer to “Rewarding Client Loyalty” on page 237.)

You can scan the article into your computer and send out an e-mail to your

preferred mailing list . . . make mom or dad proud while at the same time

reminding your current and previous clients of your presence.

Don’t forget to post the article on your Web site either.

If you already have a Wall of Fame in your studio, add this enlarged and

framed article to it. Both regular and prospective clients like to see that you share

the glory. If you don’t have a Wall of Fame, think about instituting one in your

reception area or work space. Where else will you display all those awards for

your designs?