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What does our job require? I believe that my true job description as a graphic designer would begin with this phrase, “Write and respond to e-mail.” That’s what I do all day. I send notes to designers, clients, and suppliers, and then I task manager the fallout from these messages.the design I send persuasive e-mails, abrupt e-mails, congratulatory e-mails, and friendly e-mails. I e-mail direction to our designers, convey ideas to clients and often sort out my ideas in written Words are a part of our arsenal I did not make a conscious choice to write as much as I do. It was something I learned to do out of necessity. When you run a firm, there’s never a shortage of situations in which you must write. I spend a large part of my day writing briefs, rationales, proposals, general correspondence, or even copy for one of our projects. I will likely never be a writer, but at very least, I am not afraid of using language as my work Language = Power In my mind, designers fall into two categories. The first is a craftsperson, one who utilizes the specific tools of his/her practice with precise skill and enjoys a very highly specialized knowledge of the craft. The second type of designer is one that sees her/his role as a communicator and will go to any length to convey a message or The design is not solely visual. Those who believe it makes an unconscious decision to confine themselves solely to craft. This limits these individuals from growing and taking on more complex and broad If we want to be taken seriously, we had the best approach all forms of language with the same reverence, we bring to visual