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Call First if Your Message is Confidential and/or Time Sensitive
Since offices often use one central fax machine, confidentiality should be a
major concern whenever you send or receive a fax. If you are sending a confidential
document, you don’t want it lying around or spilling all over the floor
in front of the fax machine for everyone to see. Call your recipient beforehand
to be sure she or a trusted designer can be available to retrieve the fax immediately
after it is sent. By the same token, if you are expecting a fax, make it
clear that you expect the sender to call you first to ensure that you can collect
it right
Establishing a “call first” procedure (without phone contact, don’t send) will
help with another potential office snafu. You are using the fax because you don’t
want to wait for the post office or messenger service to deliver. But if you aren’t
alerted to the impending tax, someone else might retrieve it and drop it in your
mailbox or (perish the thought) inner-office mail, where it will languish for far
Fax Design
The design of your fax will follow those of whatever document (letter, memo,
resumé, etc.) or design you intend to transmit. But since you might not know for
sure the capabilities or quality of the fax printer your recipient will be using, we
do suggest a couple of precautions take about margin and color selection.
Margins. Use one-inch margins on the top and bottom and both sides to prevent
the cutting off or blurring of your document or design edges. We’ve seen resumé
names and contact information lost in transmission. Also at risk are company
phone numbers and addresses that are printed at the very bottom of the stationery.
Your document or design may look great when you’re holding it in your
hands before you send it; just be sure it has an inch margin of
Color. Our second point refers to your color choices, as they too depend on the
recipient’s fax capabilities and quality. Check beforehand to see if your recipient
has a color fax printer. If not, make a black and white copy of your color document
or design before you fax it in order to see for yourself what it will look like
on the other end. Then make a color adjustment (or a black and white fax version)
that shows off your document or design to its best
Even if your recipient does have a color fax printer, be sure your colors are
designed to transmit for legibility. Check for sufficient contrast between your
colors and a white background. Most fax machines are loaded with white or off-white
paper. Be aware that light colors that look wonderful on your original
document might wash out and become illegible on the fixed version. design