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When you decide to specialize in designing for particular industries, you’ll want
to purchase some of their industry books and journals to keep on hand as references.
This is a business expense that will yield high returns. Look for these
materials in the following places.
Web-based bookstores have their own user-friendly databases that you can
search through. Because they draw from a vast number of catalogs, their holdings
consist of many different categories. They are likely to have the most update
holdings as well.
College bookstores have textbooks that present and illustrate the basics of
any industry represented through their academic programs. They also carry
textbooks for advanced courses. If you drop by after a semester has ended, it’s
likely you’ll be able to purchase a second-hand book at a discounted price.
While you’re there, check the periodical section for the latest journal issues. If
you find a journal that addresses your needs and interests, consider taking out
a subscription.
While you’re looking through the books, note the names of their publishers
and then check the bibliographies in the back of the books for other publishers
who are cited repeatedly. You’ll probably find one or two publishing houses with
several books about the industry you’re studying. That’s because some publishing
houses have specialized catalogs (the way Allworth specializes in books for
design professionals). Jot down their Web sites, too, and you can browse through
entire catalogs, later on, to see if they carry books suited to your needs.
We know that you’ve been using the Internet for years. Still, you might find the
following discussion helpful.
Useful Web Sites for Market Research
To research clients or potential employers, their businesses, and markets, some
of the best sources for online market research and general company information
•—gives demographics and the latest news on businesses
and their industries
•—offers regional news and accounts in review; requires
subscription for archived articles.