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While the desire to succeed is terrific and will carry you a long way, alas, it’s no
guarantee that you’ll wind up where you want to be. To reach your goals, you
must invest both hard work and careful planning.
Let’s begin by getting a handle on your own unique skills and characteristics,
the first step in figuring out your positioning. “What the message should
boil down to is simply, ‘This is who we are, what we value and why you should
consider working with us,’” Linda Cooper Bowen writes in The Graphic
Designer’s Guide to Creative Marketing.
First Take
To begin identifying what makes you stand out from other designers, jot down
responses to these questions:
• Why am I in design?
• How will I stand out from the others?
• For what do I wish to be known as a designer?
• What image do I want to project?
• What range of services will I provide?
• What type of clients do I want to serve?
• What kind of work do I want to do more of?
• How will I differentiate my business from my competitors?
• What name will I use to operate my business? Second Take
This next exercise will lead you closer to being able to communicate your message
to clients easily, quickly, and completely. First, read aloud your responses to
the questions above. Next, try to describe the essence of your design business in
one hundred words or less.
Now reduce what you have written to twenty-five words or less. Your goal
is to be clear, complete, and brief. It may take several attempts before you’re sat-

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with your positioning, but we encourage you to keep tinkering until you
nail it. For now, let’s look at some examples of how other graphic designers have
addressed the issue of positioning:
Positronic Design is a full-service marketing and promotion company,
which creates excellent, cost-effective print and Internet materials for our
clients. We do this by combining our creative and technical skills along
with our knowledge of business and marketing to conceive, design, write,
illustrate, photograph, and render in final form beautiful print jobs and
Web sites.
Animation Annex pushes the combination of video and 3D animation to
the next logical level by integrating them together to produce a marketing,
engineering, and training tool that takes you inside processes that can’t be
seen during normal operations, or to a structure that exists only on the
drawing board.
True North Video Marketing is a full-service agency specializing in video
production and marketing.
Advertising Art Studio is a branding consultancy specializing in consumer
product goods packaging