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By the time ski season finally arrives and you are itching to get back on the slopes, it is too late to begin your winter conditioning program. The time to start your conditioning program is before the season begins.

The purpose of any type of pre season ski conditioning is to get yourself into good enough shape so that you don't incur any injuries once you are actually on the ski slopes. Many municipal parks throughout the country have winter conditioning programs where you can sign up and get conditioning tips and techniques to help you enjoy the ski season.

Winter sports are a great way to keep in shape over the long winter months. But, if you are not in condition, your enjoyment may be short lived as you sprain muscles that you haven't used in a while. If you take away the injuries experienced by hotdoggers on the ski runs, the majority of injuries happen to people who just aren't prepared to be careening down mountains because they are not in shape. As a result, you will see many skiers getting knee sprains, stomach pulls, hamstring injuries, muscle cramps, and the like.

Off season training for your sport should include both general fitness training and sports specific training. In skiing, the muscles most used are the leg muscles. So your off season training to prepare yourself for winter should include exercises to both strengthen and give flexibility to your leg muscles. Great exercises for your legs are calf stretches. Quite a few exercise machines on the market can be adjusted to both strengthen your calves as well as stretch them. This gets you in shape for the twists and turns that you will be making on the slopes.

As part of your general fitness routine, include one or more activities that will get your pulse going. For example, an exercise like power walking or jumping rope can get you into shape really fast. General exercises are meant to condition your body so you don't tire out as easily. They will also build up your heart and lung capacity so you aren't running out of breath while you are on the slopes.

As important as it is to get in shape before the ski season, don't try to jump into a new exercise program too fast. Especially if you have been mostly sedentary throughout the year. And you should always consult your doctor before implementing any new strenuous exercise program.

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